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Greenpeace is an environmental campaigning organisation.
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About the company

Greenpeace is a non-governmental environmental organization that was founded in the United Kingdom in 1971. The organization is dedicated to promoting peace, protecting the environment, and advocating for sustainable development. Greenpeace has become one of the most well-known environmental organizations in the world, with offices in over 55 countries and a membership of over 3 million people.Greenpeace's mission is to protect the planet from environmental destruction and to promote sustainable development. The organization is known for its direct action campaigns, which often involve non-violent protests and civil disobedience. Greenpeace has been involved in a number of high-profile campaigns over the years, including efforts to stop nuclear testing, protect endangered species, and combat climate change.One of Greenpeace's most famous campaigns was its efforts to stop whaling in the 1970s and 1980s. The organization's direct action tactics, which included boarding whaling ships and disrupting their operations, helped to bring international attention to the issue and ultimately led to a global ban on commercial whaling.Greenpeace has also been involved in campaigns to protect rainforests, promote renewable energy, and combat pollution. The organization has been particularly active in recent years in its efforts to combat climate change, which it sees as one of the greatest threats facing the planet.Greenpeace's work is supported by a network of volunteers and activists around the world. The organization relies on donations from individuals and foundations to fund its campaigns and operations. Greenpeace is known for its independent and non-partisan approach to environmental issues, and it has been critical of governments and corporations that it sees as contributing to environmental destruction.In addition to its direct action campaigns, Greenpeace also conducts research and advocacy work on a range of environmental issues. The organization has published numerous reports and studies on topics such as deforestation, ocean pollution, and renewable energy. Greenpeace also works to promote sustainable development and to encourage individuals and businesses to adopt more environmentally friendly practices.Overall, Greenpeace is a leading voice in the global environmental movement. The organization's direct action campaigns and advocacy work have helped to raise awareness of environmental issues and to promote sustainable development around the world. With its dedicated network of volunteers and activists, Greenpeace is likely to continue to play a key role in the fight to protect the planet for generations to come.

Canonbury Villas, London, N1 2PN, United Kingdom

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