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Social club promoting friendship and support.
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About the company

For more than two centuries, the Oddfellows organisation has been a source of support and camaraderie for its members. With a presence in 103 branches across the United Kingdom, the organisation boasts an impressive membership of 388,080 individuals, nearly 39,400 of whom benefit from the group's social, financial, and care services.

The Oddfellows prides itself on being an all-inclusive organisation, with no political or religious affiliations. It welcomes members from all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life.

As a non-profit mutual, the Oddfellows believes in the power of community, friendship, and charitable giving. By coming together, members can accomplish far more than they could on their own. The organisation remains dedicated to fostering a strong sense of fellowship among its members while providing the support they need in times of need.

184-186 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WB, United Kingdom

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