Royal Society of Biology (RSB)
Royal Society of Biology (RSB)

Royal Society of Biology (RSB)

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10,000 - 25,000
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Royal Society of Biology (RSB)

Promotes and advances the study of biology.
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The Royal Society of Biology (RSB) is a professional body that represents the interests of biologists and promotes the advancement of the biological sciences. It was established in 2009, following the merger of three existing organisations: the Institute of Biology, the Biosciences Federation, and the Society for Experimental Biology.The RSB has a membership of over 18,000 individuals, including scientists, researchers, educators, and students. Its members come from a wide range of disciplines within the biological sciences, including genetics, ecology, microbiology, and biochemistry. The RSB provides a platform for these individuals to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge and expertise.One of the key roles of the RSB is to promote the importance of biology and the biological sciences to the wider public. It does this through a range of initiatives, including public lectures, educational resources, and outreach programs. The RSB also works to influence policy and decision-making in areas such as healthcare, agriculture, and the environment, by providing expert advice and guidance to government bodies and other organisations.The RSB is also committed to supporting the professional development of its members. It offers a range of training and development opportunities, including workshops, conferences, and online courses. It also provides a range of resources and support for those looking to pursue a career in the biological sciences, including advice on job applications and interviews, and guidance on career progression.In addition to its work in promoting the biological sciences, the RSB also plays an important role in recognizing and celebrating excellence in the field. It awards a range of prizes and medals to individuals who have made significant contributions to the biological sciences, including the Charles Darwin Award for Lifetime Achievement in Biology, and the President's Medal for Outstanding Contribution to the Life Sciences.Overall, the Royal Society of Biology is a vital organisation for the advancement of the biological sciences. Its work in promoting the importance of biology to the wider public, supporting the professional development of its members, and recognizing excellence in the field, makes it an essential part of the scientific community.

1 Naoroji Street, London, WC1X 0GB, United Kingdom
Royal Society of Biology (RSB)

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