The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

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The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Professional marketing qualifications and training.
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About the company

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is a professional organisation that aims to promote and develop the marketing profession in the UK and internationally. Founded in 1911, the CIM has a long history of supporting marketers and providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their careers.The CIM offers a range of membership options for marketers at all levels, from students and entry-level professionals to senior executives and business owners. Members can access a wide range of benefits, including training and development opportunities, networking events, and access to the latest marketing research and insights.One of the key roles of the CIM is to set standards for the marketing profession and ensure that its members adhere to these standards. The organisation offers a range of professional qualifications, including the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing, the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing, and the CIM Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. These qualifications are recognized by employers and provide a clear pathway for marketers to progress in their careers.The CIM also plays an important role in promoting the value of marketing to businesses and the wider community. The organisation conducts research and publishes reports on key marketing trends and issues, and works with government and other stakeholders to promote the importance of marketing to the economy and society as a whole.In addition to its work in the UK, the CIM has a strong international presence, with members and partners in over 130 countries. The organisation works closely with other marketing associations around the world to promote best practices and share knowledge and expertise.Overall, the Chartered Institute of Marketing is a vital organisation for marketers in the UK and beyond. Its focus on professional development, standards-setting, and advocacy for the marketing profession make it an essential resource for anyone looking to build a successful career in marketing.

Moor Hall, Cookham Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 9QH, United Kingdom
The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

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