The Institute of Directors (IoD)
The Institute of Directors (IoD)

The Institute of Directors (IoD)

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The Institute of Directors (IoD)

IoD provides leadership training and support for business directors.
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About the company

The Institute of Directors (IoD) is a professional organisation that represents directors and business leaders in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1903, the IoD has a long history of promoting good governance and ethical business practices.The IoD provides a range of services to its members, including training and development programs, networking opportunities, and access to expert advice and resources. It also conducts research and publishes reports on issues affecting business and the economy.One of the key roles of the IoD is to promote good governance and ethical behavior among its members. This includes providing guidance on issues such as board composition, director responsibilities, and risk management. The IoD also works to promote diversity and inclusion in the boardroom, and to encourage companies to adopt sustainable business practices.In addition to its work on governance and ethics, the IoD is also a strong advocate for business interests. It lobbies government on behalf of its members, and works to promote policies that support economic growth and job creation. The IoD also provides a platform for business leaders to share their views and opinions on key issues affecting the economy and society.The IoD has a diverse membership, representing directors and business leaders from a wide range of industries and sectors. Its members include CEOs, entrepreneurs, and senior executives from both large and small companies. The IoD also has a strong presence in the regions, with branches and committees across the UK.Overall, the IoD plays an important role in promoting good governance, ethical behavior, and business interests in the UK. Its work helps to ensure that companies are run in a responsible and sustainable way, and that business leaders have the support and resources they need to succeed.

116 Pall Mallst. James's, London, SW1Y 5ED, United Kingdom
The Institute of Directors (IoD)

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