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Unison is a trade union representing public sector workers in the UK.
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About the company

Unison is a trade union that has a strong presence in the public sector in the UK. It was formed in 1993 through the merger of three public sector unions, and since then has become one of the largest trade unions in the country. Unison's membership includes workers from various public service sectors, including healthcare, education, local government, and social care.

The primary objective of Unison is to promote and protect the interests of its members. The union does this through collective bargaining, which involves negotiating with employers to establish fair and reasonable employment terms and conditions. Unison also campaigns on behalf of its members, advocating for policies that support workers' rights and social justice. The union has been involved in a number of successful campaigns over the years, including the Fight for 5 campaign, which aimed to secure a pay rise for public sector workers.

Unison also provides a range of services and benefits to its members, including legal assistance, financial advice, and training opportunities. Members can access free legal advice on employment and workplace issues, as well as discounted rates on other legal services. The union also provides financial advice to help members manage their money and make informed financial decisions.

Unison Centre. 130 Euston Road, London, NW1 2AY, United Kingdom

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