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Wildlife Trusts

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Wildlife Trusts

Protects UK wildlife and habitats.

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The Wildlife Trusts are a network of 46 independent wildlife conservation charities across the United Kingdom. They work to protect and restore wildlife and wild places, and to inspire people to take action for nature.Each Wildlife Trust is dedicated to the conservation of its local area, from the rugged coastlines of Cornwall to the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands. They manage over 2,300 nature reserves, covering more than 98,000 hectares of land and 800 miles of coastline. These reserves provide vital habitats for a wide range of species, from rare butterflies and birds to otters and seals.The Wildlife Trusts also work to influence policy and decision-making at a national level, campaigning for stronger laws to protect wildlife and the environment. They run education and outreach programmes, engaging people of all ages in the wonders of nature and encouraging them to take action to protect it.One of the key principles of the Wildlife Trusts is the idea of "living landscapes". This means creating and connecting habitats across the landscape, so that wildlife can move and thrive. For example, a network of hedgerows and wildflower meadows can provide food and shelter for bees, butterflies and other pollinators, which in turn support birds and mammals.The Wildlife Trusts also recognise the importance of engaging with local communities, and work to involve people in conservation projects and decision-making. They run volunteer programmes, offering opportunities for people to get involved in practical conservation work, from planting trees to surveying wildlife.Overall, the Wildlife Trusts are a vital force for nature conservation in the UK. Their work is essential in protecting and restoring our natural heritage, and inspiring people to take action to protect it for future generations.

The Wildlife Trusts, The Kiln, Mather Road, Newark United Kingdom, NG24 1WT, United Kingdom
Wildlife Trusts

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