Imperial War Museum
Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum

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Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum preserves and tells the stories of those who have lived, fought, died in conflicts involving Britain
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About the company

Imperial War Museums (IWM) is a family of five museums in the UK, dedicated to the study and understanding of conflict and its impact on people's lives. IWM is a membership association that offers a range of benefits to its members, including free access to exhibitions, discounts on merchandise, and exclusive events.

IWM was founded in 1917, during the First World War, as a way to collect and preserve materials related to the war effort. Since then, IWM has expanded to include four other museums across the UK, each with its own focus on the impact of conflict. These museums include the Churchill War Rooms, which explores the life and legacy of Winston Churchill and the Secret War during the Second World War; IWM Duxford, a museum dedicated to aviation and military history; IWM North, which explores the impact of war on people's lives; and the HMS Belfast, a museum ship that served in the Second World War and the Korean War.IWM offers several types of membership, including individual, joint, family, and life membership.

Members receive free access to all IWM museums, as well as a range of other benefits. For example, members receive a discount at the IWM online shop, which features a range of products related to the museums' collections, from books to clothing to toys. Members also receive invitations to exclusive events, such as behind-the-scenes tours and talks by experts in the field of military history.Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of IWM membership is the opportunity to support the museums' ongoing work.

IWM is a charitable organisation, and its members play a vital role in supporting the museums' efforts to collect, preserve, and interpret materials related to conflict. By becoming a member of IWM, individuals can help ensure that future generations have access to the stories and objects that make up our shared history.Overall, IWM membership offers a range of benefits to individuals and families interested in military history and the impact of conflict on people's lives. From free access to exhibitions to exclusive events to the opportunity to support the ongoing work of the museums, IWM membership is an excellent way to engage with this important aspect of our shared history.

Lambeth Road, London, SE1 6HZ, United Kingdom
Imperial War Museum

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